5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Pressure Washing Professional

Pressure washing your home is one of the simplest things that a homeowner can do, in order to greatly improve the appearance, the cleanliness, and the curb appeal of their property.  Pressure washing your home, regularly, also helps to improve your home’s value and maintain the integrity, and prolong the life expectancy, of your building materials.

It is important to have your home pressure washed by someone who knows the proper method to clean the building materials, without causing damage to your home or to other parts of the property.  If you are looking for a professional to help you with your home’s pressure washing needs, then there are a few things for you to consider.  Below, you will find a list of things to keep in mind, the next time you are looking for a professional pressure washing professional or company.

  • Are they Licensed and Insured? Even the most experienced pressure washing company can have an accident, every now and then.  Pressure washing equipment is powerful and requires advanced training and skill, in order to manage the machines.  Attentive pressure washing companies will maintain their license and insurance, in order to protect their company and their customers, in the off chance that something does go wrong.  Ask your pressure washing company to provide proof of insurance, and ensure that the insurance is still active, too.
  • What is the Payment Policy? A homeowner should never pay for a home service until the job is completely finished.  Make sure that your pressure washing company does not expect payment until you, the customer, is fully satisfied with the cleaning service.  Additionally, make sure that everyone is on-board with the type of payment that is expected at the completion of the project (i.e.: check, credit card, cash).
  • Does the company have any Referrals? Unless the company is relatively new, a pressure washing company should be able to provide prospective customers with a list of referrals from previous clients.  If they cannot provide you with referrals, you may want to check out their reviews online before hiring them.
  • What is the Price for the service that you are expecting? It is important to settle on a designated price prior to the commencement of the pressure washing project.  You may wish to receive a quote on paper or online, but typically something that is in print, and not just a verbal agreement.
  • What about the Quality of their equipment?  You may wish to inquire about the number of pressure washing machines that a company has, in case one breaks down during your cleaning service.  Additionally, what type of detergent does the company use (will it be harmful to your surrounding vegetation or to you, your family, or your pets)?  Also, what do they keep the water temperature at for each cleaning service (cold water will work for removing dirt and grime from your home, but hot water is more likely to rid your home of mold and mildew spores)

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