Pressure Washing Your Screen Enclosure

     As the Springtime develops, the daylight is longer now and the days are getting warmer, which means that more and more people will be getting outdoors and enjoying their screen porches, swimming pool areas, their lanais, or any other outdoor area that has a screen enclosure over it.  Many property owners may just plan to wash the decking around their pools or inside their screen porches, but you may also want to consider washing the screens themselves.  Don’t just let rainwater be the form of cleaning for your screens, but, instead, engage a pressure washer to thoroughly clean the screens, as well as the wooden or aluminum frame that support the enclosure.

     Many people spend a great deal of time cleaning their deck, porch, outdoor furniture, swimming pool, and so on.  However, many people do forget to look closely at the screens and the frame around their favorite outdoor environment.  The screens themselves can hold a lot of dirt and debris, and the frame may develop mold and algae over time.  A thorough cleaning, about every year or two, can transform your screen enclosure into an area that not only looks clean and feels clean, but is actually much cleaner and healthier for everyone around it.

     When engaging in a pressure washing service for your screen enclosure, it is important to work with someone that uses gentle and safe cleansers, as well as a methodical approach for cleaning the screens and the outdoor enclosure frame.  An effective cleanser can rid your screen enclosure of excessive dirt, mold growth, algae spores, mildew, insect nests, and any other unwanted and unattractive substance that has developed along the surface.

     The result will be a screened area that is welcoming, healthy, and free from harmful substances.  This is the perfect time of year to engage in Spring cleaning, not just inside your home, or inside your screen enclosure, but also along the outside areas, too.  Just a little bit of planning and cleaning now, can provide you with many months of care-free outdoor enjoyment and serenity.