The Proper Technique when Pressure Washing Your Fence

The fence of your home adds plenty of value to your property. Not only does this add to the privacy of your residence, but a fence is also a safeguard to keep your family and home protected. For the homeowners that choose a wooden fence, they have the ability to personalize it with a colorful appeal. A common question we encounter in the pressure washing industry is how to properly care for and clean a wooden fence that has been painted. Below are some helpful tips from your local Jacksonville Pressure Washing experts.

How Your Fence Becomes Dirty

Nobody enjoys looking around the exterior of their property to notice mold, mildew and dirt accumulating in different areas of their wooden fence. It is a complete eyesore! Let’s first look at what causes your fence to become dirty. It’s safe to say that our local environment certainly puts a strain on our property. Living in a subtropical climate allows for plenty of rain, wind, sunshine, heat and humidity. Occasionally, we are often subjected to an overnight freeze during the handful of winter months. Nevertheless, these extreme temperatures can cause havoc on the condition of our wooden fences. Mold and mildew thrive in these changing conditions, and not to mention the accumulation of dirt and debris over time.

All Cleaners are not for Your Fence

Homeowners often make the mistake of using a household cleaner, such as bleach, to clean the dirty areas of their wooden fence. Cleaners that contain bleach and other strong elements can fade away the color of your fence. Similarly, the acid-content in those cleaners will also harm the surrounding landscape. Now you’re left with the question of, “what is best to clean my wooden fence?” The simple answer is a safe pressure washing service done by your local experts. Our team of experts will leave your fence with the desired results from our innovative fence cleaning process.

The techniques used by Reflections Window & Pressure Washing remove all the built-up grime from your wooden fence. Having your fence clean will certainly increase the aesthetic appeal of your home as well as increase the overall value if you are considering putting it on the market. A clean fence will play a great role in drawing the attention of prospective buyers! Keep the exterior of your home clean with our affordable services. Contact us today for a Free Estimate or to schedule your next cleaning!