Window Cleaning Products vs Professional Window Cleaners – Which is Better?

Let’s be honest. Window cleaning is one of those tasks almost anyone can do themselves.

Here is the list of requirements; 1) glass cleaner 2) paper towels. Done!

So if all you need is two common household items, why do so many homeowners avoid this chore?

Because window cleaning is not that simple. Especially when you need to get up to the second floor. And the third floor. Watch out for that hornet’s nest! And who painted these windows closed?

Here are 3 reasons why you should hire a professional window washer instead of doing it yourself.

1) A professional Window Washer Has The Right Cleaning Supplies
When it comes to rain spots, any cleaner will do. But what happens when the window screens adhere to the glass? How do you remove sap from your windows? What is safe to use on your specialty window panes?

A professional window washer has all the right supplies for each one of these scenarios. And he/she can do the job quickly with the right supplies.

2) A Professional Window Cleaner Has The Right Equipment
Most homeowners have a ladder to get up on to the second or third floor of their home. But do you have a power washer? Do you have all the specialty attachments that make the cleaning job more efficient?

While a professional window washer may have their niche, they have the right tools to service their clients. Squeegees, telescoping poles, and telescoping power washing poles are common for these professionals. These expensive tools save the homeowner time and money.

3) A Professional Window Cleaner Knows What To Look For
Do you know what is causing your window rot? Do you know what window rot looks like? From discovering pest issues. Identifying small maintenance issues before they become big ones. And, of course, making sure each window works right. These are issues a window washer may not be able to address. But early detection of these small issues can save a homeowner thousands of dollars in future maintenance costs.

Ask your qualified professional window cleaner like Reflections Window & Pressure Washing to come out to your home for a free estimate. In the long run, it could be a lot more affordable than you think.