You Can Destroy Your Property by DIY Pressure Cleaning, Here’s Why to Leave it to the Professionals!

For many people, the allure of pressure cleaning is ever-present and palpable. To see what was once off-white siding be restored to its former glory before your very eyes- what person wouldn’t want that power? In addition, pressure cleaning looks so easy! Simply point the hose at your house or deck or concrete and watch years of dirt and algae run by you in a stream of water. However, do not be fooled. Pressure cleaning is by no means a simple task, and it can even lead to damaging your home if you decide to try it yourself!

It is very easy to look at a pressure cleaner and see nothing more than a high-powered hose. But the amount of power behind that stream of water is enough to leave someone on the other end with huge welts, and potentially some serious injuries if you’re not careful. It is usually much easier- and much safer- to hire someone to do the job for you if you are planning on trying pressure cleaning for the first time. Common mistakes people can make when using a pressure cleaner include using the wrong equipment, not realizing that there are different types of equipment for cleaning different areas of your home. Underestimating the power of your pressure cleaner can also lead to using too much pressure, resulting in a possibly clean- but very much ruined- deck or patio. Many first-timers also don’t realize that they have to add a cleaning agent to the water they’re using when pressure cleaning. This will lead to the area not being as clean as they expected, and so, to compensate, they might increase the pressure, resulting in the effects mentioned above.

Overall, if you have never used a pressure cleaner before, it is a much better idea to hire someone for the job. Not only do they have all of the knowledge on how to use pressure cleaners, but they will also have all of the necessary equipment to make sure that each area of your home that you are having cleaned will look as good as possible. It is better to spend a few extra dollars here and there than to potentially cause extra damage yourself that you’ll have to pay for later.