Safely Pressure Washing your Home without Ruining the Paint

The practice of pressure washing your home is a great tool to enhance its condition. The downside that many homeowners realize after its too late is that not doing it properly may cause problems by destroying the exterior paint.

There are a number of options to control the pressure washing settings. Here are a few common steps to ensure you will pressure wash with success.

First off, you should consider the use of a high temperature water or cold water, the level of water spray, the degree of the nozzle tip, PSI, GPM, cleaning chemicals and obviously the utilization of water to the surface being cleaned. In this article, we will be covering these subjects.

PSI is Pressure per Square Inch. GPM is Gallons Per Minute. These two ordinarily run together on the power washers that you will discover in many stores. PSI is the option that impacts the grime on the surface and GPM is the option that flushes the grime away.

Pressure Washing Tools

There are a large amount of contraptions that can be used with power washers. The majority of these tools are beneficial for cleaning away dirt and debris from your driveway, sidewalk, and patio. The best tool to utilize cleaning the exterior of your home is the proper tip for your pressure washer. Adjusting the tip on your wand will help concentrate the greater part of the PSI on one particular spot. With this situation, it is important to remain a great enough distance from the surface of your home that the paint will not be affected by the pressure washer spray. The experts recommend slowly “narrowing the gap” so that only the dirt and debris is removed off your home.

Tips for Pressure Washing

Use the 15-degree pressure washing nozzle to clean concrete and other sturdy surfaces. This will be the best method when cleaning the exterior of your home that has a nice coat of paint. The 25-degree nozzle is the preferred choice when cleaning wood or different surfaces that can be harmed yet require a decent measure of pressure for an effective clean. This would include wood fences and decks.

Pressure washing your home is a very effective process to upkeep the condition and value of your property. But as you now have a better understanding of the different options, it is important to follow this process to ensure you are only cleaning and not causing harm to your home. For expert advice, contact the professionals from Reflections Window and Pressure Washing today for a Free Quote on any exterior cleaning services that you may need at your home or business!