Why You Need a Professional Roof Cleaning

When you think of cleaning your house you probably don’t think about cleaning your roof, right? Well, you should be. You would be surprised to know how much dirt and bacteria is trapped in the shingles on your roof and how it can affect the life expectancy and appearance of your roofing system. People often question whether or not they need to spend the money on a professional contractor to come in and do the job or if they can do it themselves. Although you can do it yourself, you will get a much more thorough cleaning and ensure that everything is taken care of if you hire a professional roof cleaning company that does it for a living.

Protect Your Roof

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to having a dirty or bacteria-ridden roof is roof algae. Roof algae is usually found in humid places and appears to be black streaks on the roof. It is extremely unattractive and can give your house a much dingier look, and it can also cause damage to your roof. This is because roof algae is alive and it feeds on your shingles which can greatly decrease their structural integrity and lifespan. You may not be able to see the roof algae but it can still do just as much damage to your roof.

Even if there is no roof algae present, you should probably have your roof cleaned anyways because it not only prevents growth but it also gets rid of any other moss or dirt that may be trapped in the shingles.

Types of Roof Cleaning

There are two ways that professionals clean your roof, classified as hard wash and soft wash. A hard wash is simply a pressure wash. This means that pressurized water is used to clean off moss, algae, and dirt. A soft wash involves the use of chemicals and does a thorough job of washing off all of the bacteria that causes algae along with the dirt, moss, and algae itself. Both have their pros and cons and it all depends on the state of your roof and how much attention it needs to get back to a healthy state.

Preventing Costly Repairs

Overall, getting a professional roof clean is highly effective and will save you a ton of money in the long run by helping you to avoid having to replace the entire roof. Replacing a roof entirely can cost you upwards of ten thousand dollars and, compared to preventative cleanings, that is a steep price. It is always better to take the necessary precautions and get your roof professionally cleaned.

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