What is The Difference Between High-Pressure Roof Cleaning and Low-Pressure Chemical Roof Cleaning?

You may be noticing the dirt and grime build up along the roof of your home. Maybe mold has even made its way onto the siding. Don’t fret, you can easily wash away these harmful bacteria. You will want to tackle this project sooner rather than later as washing your home’s exterior is incredibly important to the health of your family, the maintenance and value of your home (including curb appeal), saving time, and saving money.

There are many different methods when it comes to washing your home’s roof including – high-pressure washing, low-pressure cleaning, and chemical cleaning. So how do you choose the best option? We have compiled some pros and cons to help you make an informed decision!

High-Pressure Washing

Just as its name states, pressure washing uses the delivery of water at high pressures to clean or remove dirt and grime. This could be incredibly problematic when using it to clean your roof as your roof wasn’t designed to withstand that much pressure. Cleaning this way is damaging to shingles and will etch the roof’s surface causing it to fade and dry slower. In response, the mildew will grow at an increased rate. If using this method, you will have to clean more often and will most likely experience leaks due to the roof’s porous state.

Low-Pressure/Chemical Washing

“Soft Washing” is a solution-based, low-pressure alternative. Solutions vary between eco-friendly or bleach based.  The eco-friendlier option won’t kill vegetation or pollute water ways; however, some like the bleach option due to its inexpensive costs. Both use a mixture of solutions meant for outdoor use and include a low-pressure rinsing method to avoid any damage to the roof.

Pros of eco-friendly:

  • Results are instant and complete – mildew is completely gone before the contractor leaves the property.
  • Preserves shingle integrity and landscaping.

Cons of eco-friendly:

  • Costlier than chlorine bleach mixtures.

Pros of bleach:

  • Less expensive.

Cons of bleach:

  • Strong chemical odor.
  • Results that aren’t necessarily instant. Contractors often have to re-apply the solution several times, and the mildew may take months to rinse off.
  • Possibility of chemical harm to humans or animals.
  • Permanent damage on landscaping.

Make an informed decision when it comes to roof cleaning! Protect the investment of your home with our affordable Jacksonville pressure washing services. Contact the experts today from Reflections Window and Pressure Washing for a Free Quote on any pressure washing or roof cleaning service!