Scheduled Window Cleaning Will Help Your Business Save Money. Here’s How.

There is a tendency to call the window cleaners only when someone sees that the windows are dirty. Irregular washing can mean problems for the windows. Regularly scheduled window washing may sound like one of those things your business can do without, but it really can save you money. Here are some of the ways that regularly scheduled washing can save your business money.

The outside of windows face storms, rain, wind and splash water from irrigation systems. Splash water may contain minerals that affect and stain glass, and can damage the window glass over time, weakening the window and cutting into its effective functional lifespan. Scheduled cleaning stops this potential problem before it can develop.

An aspect not often thought of is the role of windows in providing interior light and warmth. A buildup of dust and grime impedes both the natural light and the warmth. Here in Florida the warmth is not an issue, but natural light is.

Storefront windows, show windows and restaurant windows are part of potential customers’ first impressions. Stained, grimy windows create a poor first impression. First impressions are particularly important for small businesses and for restaurants, and a poor impression means lost business. Regular cleaning assures enhanced curb appeal and positive overall first impressions.

Reflections Window and Pressure Washing professionals can also spot problems, particularly on windows higher up on a business building. An experienced window cleaner can spot cracks in the glass, note eroded places around the window frame, and even irregularities in the window frame that might indicate structural issues in the building. An early notice of any of these may stop a real problem before it becomes a serious issue. And that can save a lot of money.

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