What Does it Cost to Clean Windows?

Many homeowners feel they can perform a window cleaning task on their own without having to hire professionals. The main reason for this feeling is because they think that it is much costlier than it really is.

The reality of the situation is that this window cleaning task is a very affordable service. Aside from the low cost, you will greatly benefit from the clear view when looking out your windows. Furthermore, since inaccessible windows can never be fully cleaned with a DIY process, hiring professional window cleaners is essential.

Costs Depend on the Window Panes

Your window cleaners can quote you the price by how many panes they must clean. Most ordinary windows have double panes.
For the best outcome, local window cleaners suggest you should plan to clean your windows two times a year. But different factors may certainly affect your decision. For example, if the location of your home often experiences storms, it is recommended that you have the windows cleaned more frequently.

Other Major Factors

• Levels of grimy substance on your glass – If your windows are very dirty, the cleaners will need more advanced cleaning solutions and tools.
• Several windows on the floor or only a few- If there are lots of windows, you will need to invest more.
• Accessibility – Special equipment, ladders, and inaccessible windows may make the process much more time-consuming.
• Interior and exterior cleaning – Some homeowners only want the window cleaning experts to clean the outside. However, if you want to treat the inside as well, the charge for this service will be slightly higher.

The best way to calculate the possible charge for window cleaning Jacksonville services is by considering all the factors around your home. Your window cleaning expert from Reflections Window and Pressure Washing will give you the best estimate for the highest quality services. Contact us today for a Free Quote!