Consequences of a Dirty Roof

The roof on your home, regardless of the material, has an average life-span of about twenty years. However, the climate and weather elements also play a significant role in affecting your roofs durability. For instance, in areas of heavy rainfall, your roof has a higher possibility of damages. Higher frequencies of inclement weather can cause damage to the structure of your roof. As you can imagine, this will be a major concern to homeowners. Excessive moisture in the air combined with accumulated water on the roof can also cause additional damages. As a result, it is important to ensure a regular cleaning of your roof that may help in identifying roof repairs before they become costly.

Moss Growth on Your Roof

The growth of moss is mainly caused from the presence of excess moisture on your roof. Moreover, shaded areas and lower temperature during the winter months may also become potential factors behind this moss. In addition, any big trees in the adjacent area will likely create a constant shade, thus allowing the growth of moss. Homeowners are highly encouraged to regularly inspect the roof to discover any signs of moss. But because it is such a dangerous aspect to safely climb on and off the roof of your home, a professional Jacksonville Roof Cleaning will be able to handle the inspection as well as the thorough cleaning.

The Appearance of Lichens and Green Algae

Lichen coverings on the roof are slightly thinner, but they have a great potential to cause damage. When these lichens start growing, they can easily penetrate the roofing shingles. In order to prevent this type of roof damage, your trusted roof cleaning company will need to thoroughly treat the surface. On the other hand, algae has a greenish appearance and often creates a thin layer on the surface of your roof. Similar to moss and lichens, algae thrives in an environment with excessive moisture and minimal light.

Any type of growth on the roof of your home will pose a threat to the integrity of the structure. Not to mention it takes away from the beauty of your roof. Contact the experts today from Reflections Window and Pressure Washing for a Free Estimate on any of our affordable roof cleaning services!