Yearly Roof Cleaning is Best for Homes in Duval County

It is natural to feel very excited when you buy a new house. As a homeowner, you have now reached a status in your life, and have also been given additional responsibilities to maintain this property. An attractive look of a new house takes plenty of effort to be retained throughout the years. One of these tasks requires regular low-pressure roof cleaning to keep the brilliant curb appeal. Hiring experts for professional roof cleaning in Duval County will result in a pristine, new look of your roof, without the dangers and risks of costly damages.

Sub-Tropical Climate requires more frequent cleanings

Our properties in Duval County endure quite a hardship from the differing natural elements that we encounter. Between the intense sun rays, heavy humidity, torrential rainstorms, and occasional tropical storms with heavy winds, our roofs take somewhat of a beating. As a result of these natural elements, we then have an increased risk of moss, mildew, and mold growths that can wreak havoc on our roofing structure. Not to mention, these growths certainly take away from the beauty of our homes!

Why these conditions are harmful

Dirt and mold growths that accumulate on your roof can cause very costly damage to the roof’s structure. Furthermore, the drainage system can be affected as well as ruining the tiles or shingles that are present. With an expert roof cleaning service, our professionals will ensure your roof is clean, looks beautiful, and will remain safe from the harmful conditions.

Since our climate presents these frequent challenges to us, it is necessary to get a professional roof cleaning service on a yearly basis. Studies have shown that when professionals clean your roof every year, you end up saving more money in the long run by not incurring any costly damages or repairs. Another great benefit is that your home’s value will continue to rise! With the change in seasons, now is the perfect time to contact the experts from Reflections Window and Pressure Washing for a Free Estimate on any of our affordable roof cleaning services!